We're Lizzie & Ruth


We began working together 26 years ago at Colenso, the much-loved Coromandel café Ruth founded with her husband, Andy, in 1990.

When we began working together, both of us assumed it was a short-term arrangement – for Lizzie, a perfect summer job during her university holidays, and for Ruth, a much-needed extra pair of hands to enable her to spend more time with her four children.

But as Colenso grew from an orchard selling organic fruit into a highly successful, award-winning café, Lizzie became an integral part of our team.

We discovered we work well together – we bounce ideas off each other, we value each other's opinion, we trust one another - and we both love our gardens.  After Colenso was sold in 2014, we realised the timing was perfect to fulfil our dream of becoming floral stylists.

Together, we can make an idea evolve into a reality. Ruth is always on board with new trends and never says any idea is too hard. Lizzie has original design ideas and a great ability to understand a bride's vision and to make it happen.

We'd love to bring your vision for your wedding day to life!